40% of the top 1000 most shared Instagram videos in September 2013 were brand generated, according to a new report from our friends at Unruly. Despite only launching in June, the incredible rate of adoption of the video platform by brands and marketers only confirms what we’ve been seeing in terms of an increased super short form video marketing strategy from top companies.

Brand videos accounted for 4 of the top 5 most shared Instagram videos with MTV claiming top spot. The music giant attracted 134,110 shares across Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the internet for their 84 videos. Peanuts, NBA and GoPro also made the top 5. In total, 80 different brands were represented, including Disney, GE, Red Bull and BMW. Using data collected from across the internet, Unruly found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, Clothing and Entertainment were the most popular categories. 9 out of 10 of the Instagram video shares occurred on Facebook while 176,016 were shared via Twitter. That’s equivalent to 10% of YouTube videos shared during the same date range.

The most shared Instagram video of last month, with 26,962, was ‘Snoopygram’ from Peanuts, followed by EA Sport’s FIFA 14 real-time spot with 16,499 and the trailer for series 3 of the HBO show ‘Girls’ with 15,376.

Justin Bieber took 14 of the 20 most shared user generated Instagram videos with his top 3 generating a combined 522,029 shares.

For brands looking to make the most of the short form video trend, Unruly are unveiling a new product to help them make the most of the platform. As Instagram now has a 150 million subscriber base and is proving itself to be a effective source of engagement, the new tool will help marketers track and analyze their Instagram video campaigns using Unruly’s own ShareRank algorithm. Using the new feature, brands will be able to create, optimize, distribute and then measure their content in terms of shareability and effectiveness. Matt Cooke, CTO of Unruly thinks brands will benefit from the new product:

Our social video player drives exceptional engagement and sharing levels to drive earned media outside on a brand’s owned channels across desktop, mobile and tablet devices and I’m pleased that brands can now partner with Unruly to turbo-charge the success of their Instagram videos.