The most famous (and arguably most popular) “Con” in the world of conventions is ComicCon. It’s just wrapping up in San Diego, and once again it was a go-to destination for television shows, films, and any other form of “geeky” content that wanted to get in front of the fans to build some buzz. But there’s another “con” this week that should interest you as well: the 2nd annual VidCon.

VidCon calls itself “a yearly conference for people who love online video.” It is designed to showcase and celebrate online video creators that succeed on YouTube and other platforms. It runs July 28-30, 2011, and aims to promote the best and brightest online video creating talent.

At least one major brand is hopping on the VidCon bandwagon, and it’s Fuel Energy Drinks. They’re releasing a line of specially-marked beverage cans that contain a QR code. The code, when scanned, leads viewers to a video from a VidCon filmmaker. Currently, the code directs them to a VidCon music video from Tennessee singer Adam Jammer:

Over the next few days, the code’s destination will be swapped out regularly leading up to the event, each time linking to a different VidCon-related song–all the songs are part of a contest from a company called Videoblogging 206. There’s even one starring a ton of recognizable YouTube stars:

That Fuel is embracing the VidCon concept so openly is a sign of the conference’s legitimization. Fuel, while certainly not Coca-cola, is not a tiny insignificant brand. And they’re target audience aligns perfectly with the age-group most-likely to watch online video: teenagers. And it seems many of them are pretty excited about VidCon:

I think we can expect to see VidCon continue to grow, and probably even see some competition come into play. Are you going to VidCon?