February 2013

Month: February 2013

More Delicious Video Good News: Ooyala’s 2012 Report

Ooyala just released their Global Video Index for 2012. No surprise here, video is being watched more and more at crazier and crazier rates, and over a wide range of devices. There is still a huge opportunity for brands to get on board and take advantage of the wave.

New Oreo Video Takes Cookie Separation To Extremes

Oreo is doing awesome things with online video and social media lately. Their latest video shows the great extremes one person will go through in order to separate the cookie from the creme in something that is almost (not quite) Rube Goldberg-esque in getting a complex machine to do a simple thing. Let's sit back and enjoy and maybe eat a cookie or two.

Vimeo Gives Creators Video Enhancement Capabilities with ‘Looks’

Vimeo introduced a new addition to their Enhancer today called "Looks," a video filter system that allows you to try on different kinds of looks to your video to give it a more professional-looking quality. Partnering with Vivoom, Vimeo now has video and music options on site for creators looking to enhance their videos a little more cheaply than buying expensive software to do the job.

Using Video SEO To Steal Clicks, Localize Results and Increase Conversion Rate

BodyLogicMD discovered that by embedding videos into important landing pages, their company started dramatically shooting up in search rankings. They also had a plan for spammers who took up some of that valuable search result real estate. Here's how BodyLogicMD found a way to shoot nearly to the top with their strategy.

YouTube, TED, Announce Ads Worth Spreading for 2013

Ads Worth Spreading, a joint effort from TED and YouTube, has selected the ads that blew other advertising experts away and will be featured at this year's TED. Ads were picked in categories representing Talk, Social Good, Cultural Compass, Creative Wonder, Brand Bravery, and Education. A couple of these ads you've probably seen before, but many are great ads that you may not have.

INTERVIEW: The Fine Bros. Take Web Series Beyond Video [Web Series School]

Our interview with Ben and Rafi Fine, best known as The Fine Brothers, sheds light on the transmedia experience, "workaholism," and the unique experience of their MyMusic show, which gets so deep into faux-reality, they sometimes need an Inception-style kick to get back into the real world.

How VidIQ Grows Audiences: Announces YouTube Marketing Suite for Brands

Sometimes, a content creator has no idea what they need to do after the video is finished and uploaded. A ton of work has to be done to ensure that it will be seen. How do brands do that? VidIQ is a service that does all that hard work for brands, so that they can rest easy that their video's visibility has been optimized.

YouTube Testing Viewer’s Choice Pre-Roll Advertising

Giving the viewer choice in which ad they want to see, if they really have to, increases the goodwill towards those ads. Hulu has been doing it for a couple of years, and now we're seeing YouTube experimenting with it on long-form content. Could a full-blown implementation of "viewer's choice" ads be popping up soon?

Brightcove Enhances HTML5 Monetization Across Multiple Platforms

Trying to get ads to play across a variety of platforms: desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. can be a headache. Everything uses a different browser or operating system, and ad networks need something that can help bridge the gap so that their ads play cleanly across all devices. Brightcove is announcing an advancement in HTML5 video monetization.

5 New Video Ad Formats Selected by IAB Hope to Get You Watching and Clicking

Five ad formats from IAB's "Rising Stars" will be vying for viewers' attention soon. Giving ads interactivity, social media buttons, the ability to find local dealers and to find out more about the product will enhance digital advertising, but the question is, will it make people want to watch more? No doubt the people who want to watch ads will enjoy the enhancements, but those who hate ads won't like sitting through them any more than usual.

YouTube Android App Clues Paid Channel Subscriptions Coming Soon

YouTube's updated Android app is letting on that paid subscriptions are coming very soon. With code in the app explicitly stating options concerning paid channels, the only question that still remains concerning paid subscriptions is "How soon?"

Digital-Originated Ad Revenue to Increase 70% in 2013 [Report]

Revenue in online-originated content is expected to jump a fantastic 70% in 2013, or $2 billion in revenue, a big jump from 2010's $350 million. There will be an overall decline in spending of 2% across all media, but online ads will be more plentiful than before.

Google Glass to Be Widely Available By the End of 2013?

Google is set to release Google Glass, their multi-tasking voice-controlled video headset, by the end of 2013. The price will run around $1,500. With all the features that you know from Google built in, and constantly analyzing, you too can be a Terminator. It only took 30 years.