With six days to go before the big game, six social videos in Unruly’s 2013 Super Bowl Ad Chart have already landed in the Top 100 Super Bowl Ads of All Time. And another two social videos have been shared enough times on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere during the last 7 days to indicate that they have a good shot of making it across the goal line, too.

However, 25 percent of the top 20 most shared ads from Super Bowl 2012 weren’t launched before Super Sunday. So, a couple of surprise entries could still toss a Hail Mary pass. And 55 percent of the shares from Super Bowl 2012 occurred after March 1, 2012. So, it’s not even halftime in this year’s big game.

Nevertheless, this is the week when pre-game speculation will be at its peak. And the last time I looked, ReelSEO’s columnists are supposed to “offer expert advice, guidance, and commentary about the world of online video in an effort to guide internet marketers and video content producers towards best practices and online video services that suit their needs.”

So, come on, let’s admit it. We’re the nerds and geeks who will watch Super Bowl XLVII just to see the TV commercials! And instead of talking to our friends, family, and colleagues about the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, we’ll use the time between now and Super Sunday to like, share, and embed our favorite Super Bowl teasers.

(According to wikiHow, the word “nerd” was coined in 1954 by a young doctor named Suess and one definition of “nerd” is “a four letter word with a six-figure income.” According to the Urban Dictionary, “geeks” are “the people you picked on in high school and wind up working for as an adult.”)

grandpa going wild vs. Kate UptonSo, while the “normies” and “dorks” think that “Super Bowl predictions” are made by a camel at a Central New Jersey zoo or indicate that Joe Flacco will outplay Colin Kaepernick, nerds and geeks know that the Super Bowl predictions that matter – the ones where big bucks are at stake – involve which type of content will get shared online and features match-ups like grandpa going wild vs. Kate Upton washing a car in slow motion.

According to Brian Steinberg of Advertising Age, CBS has essentially sold out its ad inventory for its coming broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII at prices averaging between $3.7 million and $3.8 million for a 30-second spot during the big game. That’s about $125,000 a second!

So, there’s nothing wrong if nerds and geeks like us “follow the money.”

Now that we’ve got that squared away, let’s look at the six social videos in Unruly’s 2013 Super Bowl Ad Chart have already landed in the Top 100 Super Bowl Ads of All Time.

With 27,789 shares, “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion” is currently in second place. Published on Jan, 21, 2013, the social video asks, “What’s hot?” It answers, “The all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA.” Then the ad asks, “What’s hotter?” And it answers, “Kate Upton washing it in slow motion.”

With 25,786 shares, “2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | ‘Don’t Tell” is currently in third place. Published way back on Sept. 28, 2012, this social video says, “Meet your family’s new partner in crime, the 2013 Santa Fe. With plenty of horsepower and cargo space to spare, it’s ready for all the adventures you can dream up. Even those the other parent shouldn’t know about.”

With 18,450 shares, “Doritos – Goat 4 Sale — Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist” is currently in fourth place. Published on Jan. 3, 2013, I wrote about this social video last week in my column, “80% of Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ 2013 Finalists are Vimeo Creators.”


With 17,824 shares, “Diner: Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial Teaser” is currently in fifth place. Published on Jan. 19, 2013, this social video tells usa powerful force is undeniably present in an old New Orleans cafe. It adds, “What it is won’t be revealed until the Super Bowl. Will you be watching?”

With 15,591 shares, “SodaStream TV Commercial – The SodaStream Effect” is currently in sixth place. Published back on Nov. 8, 2012, this social video says, “With SodaStream, you can save 2,000 bottles and cans a year. If you love the bubbles set them free.”

As I mentioned above, these six social videos in Unruly’s 2013 Super Bowl Ad Chart have already landed in the Top 100 Super Bowl Ads of All Time. But another two social videos have been shared enough times during the last 7 days to make it across the goal line.

With 9,017 shares in the last 7 days, one of the social videos that could score is “Coke Chase 2013 Ad.” Published on Jan. 22, 2013, this social video says, “The race is on!”

Finally, with 8,597 shares in the last 7 days, another social video that could score is “Sunny Side: 2013 Volkswagen Game Day Video with Jimmy Cliff (Get Happy).” Published on Jan. 23, 2013, this pre-game release video from Volkswagen features reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, who infuses “much-needed positivity and good vibes into a world that’s become awash with freak-outs, meltdowns, and temper tantrums over just about anything.” The social video says, “It’s time to get happy.”

So, while your friends, family, and colleagues are reading the sports section of their local newspapers or visiting their favorite sports sites, you’ll know which big game predictions are worth $125,000 a second. Oh, and if you want go for extra points, visit YouTube’s AdBlitz and check out the party recipes. In 47 years, nobody has ever predicted that nerds and geeks could be foodies, too.