video-marketing-guideEvery once in a while, I come across a paid whitepaper or research report that I think is important enough to share with readers.  With that in mind, last week I learned about a newly released report about marketing with video that is, by far, the most comprehensive and definitive guide that I have read to-date when it pertains to video advertising and video marketing.

MarketingSherpa, a well-known and highly respected resource for research related to marketing efforts, just released their first-ever report that is focused on the fast-growing landscape of video marketing, titled, “Marketing With Video Report: Online, TV & Mobile.” I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am with this report.   In all honesty, I found myself overcome with feelings of envy and admiration when reading this report.  I wish I had written it myself, all 400 or so pages ;-)

According to MarketingSherpa, the report was inspired due to the explosion in video formats and venues, and the high degree of interest expressed by their readers. Across the spectrum of budgets and experience, this first edition addresses the needs of advertisers, publishers, media buyers, and viral and mobile video marketers.

“Moving pictures are the most powerful tool for quickly communicating a sophisticated array of ideas and emotions that we’ve discovered.  With the emergence of a new set of platforms and an evolving understanding of the old ones, it’s no suprise that this report nears 400 pages in length.  it will be longer next time, guaranteed.” – said Stephan Tornquist, Research Director or MarketingSherpa

The stated goal of with this new benchmarking guide is to provide marketers with insight into the new rules of video as well as guidance as to how to properly deploy video marketing strategies and tactics that produce a positive return on investment and meet strategic goals. The report details both similarities and differences in marketing tactics across online video, mobile video, film, and television in order to provide a comprehensive guide for video marketers.

According to Marketing Sherpa, the information presented was compiled and analyzed from surveys completed by more than 1000 marketers combined with research and consumer data from more than 1422 consumers data provided by Comscore, Nielson, IAG, Quantcast, Rentrak, Dynamic Logic/Millward Brown, Unruly Media, and TubeMogul.

The report is designed to guide and help small, medium, and large business (both b2b and b2c) that are either interested in, or currently leveraging video to market their business on Cable TV, Network TV, Websites, Video Sites, Mobile platforms, VOD (video on demand), and anywhere else.

Video Marketing Strategy:

Here are just a few of the more general questions that this report helps to answer.

  • Just how important and how effective is video advertising?
  • How do you deploy a video marketing/advertising campaign that produces the greatest response rate per impression?
  • For publishers, how do you monetize online video? And more importantly, how do you do so without affecting your brand, user experience, etc…?
  • What is the current state of video marketing and what does the future hold for this rapidly growing space.
  • What does this rapidly evolving landscape (especially the video ad-supported landscape) mean for video advertisers and video marketers and how will this change in the next 10 years?
  • What are the various ad formats for both in-banner as well as in-stream video and how do these differ?
  • What are the basic and advanced SEO strategies for video discovery?

Video Marketing Tactics:

However, as I mentioned, this report is almost 400 pages in its entirety.  Not only does it help to address the previous questions, but the benchmarking report also dives deep into crucial aspects of video marketing tactics that help to address the following questions:

  • What do video marketers need to pay attention to when it comes to video production in a digital, multi-channel environment?
  • How do behavioral targeting, video distribution, video measurement and analytics, and ad-serving technologies work together to make online video marketing more accountable and how are these technologies changing?
  • How are some content producers and publishers monetizing video content effectively?
  • What methods for pre-testing video advertising are most effective and what are the right metrics to analyze

Research and Benchmarking Data:

There are also tons of charts, graphs and other data (173 charts and 74 tables) that presents new information and research regarding benchmarks for video marketing:

  • Video Usage – The different types of video marketing, the changes in usage, different platforms and creative in relation to budget.
  • Media Spending – Who’s spending on what and why. Plus the projection on media spending on online video
  • Outsourcing – As the video becomes more specialized, find the right mix of outsourcing and in-house production

Mobile Video Evolution

With regard to mobile video, which I expect will see incredible growth over the next few years, the report presents detailed research and data as it pertains to the mobile video viewing audience, their habits, where they reside, what devices they utilize most, and what kinds of video content work best for mobile platform delivery.

Interviews and Case Studies:

Throughout the “2009 Marketing with Video Benchmarking Guide,” you will also find in-depth interviews with thought leaders and executives in the video advertising and video publishing space; including interviews with high-level executives at Hulu, Joost, Brightroll, Tremor Media, and many others.  Special reports and case studies present methods to increase relevancy through personalization and segmentation, effective branding and direct response, and creating video campaigns for cross media viewing.  There are more than 22 strategy reports, industry interviews and

Video Discovery and Video SEO

I am impressed and delighted at the coverage regarding both basic and advanced video search engine optimization tips and techniques that were presented in this report.  More on that later.

Whether you are a video producer, a company focused on video advertising, a video platform company, or even a search marketer looking to learn more about online video (and search marketers should), I have honestly yet to read a more comprehensive and detailed how-to guide for video marketing.

Here is the link to purchase the report: