200 billion is a number that neither you nor I can actually picture.  We’ve never seen 200 billion of anything, just sitting in front of us where we could start counting it.  But together, people of the world, we watched over 200-freaking-billion online videos in the month of October.  I wonder if they’ll ever figure out a way to monetize this online video thing, right?  The global audience of people 15 and over (sorry, kids) amounts to 1.2 billion unique viewers in the entire world.  That’s like, a seventh of the entire world population.  When YouTube finally discovers a way to reach remote jungle villages, it’ll be more.

The Comscore Graphs Are Getting Heavy

Of those 200 billion videos, almost 90 billion come from YouTube watching:

What I find interesting in the next graph is that Canadians actually watch more videos than their U.S. counterparts, by a count of 303-286.  What I find even more interesting is that the average amount of views per person in those two North American countries is basically 300 in a month.

That “reach” part of the graph is also an eye-opener, for me at least.  There’s 7 countries that have more reach than the U.S. with online video.  And who would have thought, Turkey has the most reach?  Start making your videos with Turkish language options now.

Overall, these graphs are a mere reminder of where we’re heading in online video: up, and getting loftier every month.