There are approximately 2 million cat videos posted on YouTube, and we at ReelSEO have watched them all. I jest of course, but we're pretty sure the number is in the thousands. We're not alone in our love of feline footage, as those 2 million videos have attracted an impressive 24.6 billion views between them. Those kind of numbers generate some fascinating data, and as it's National Cat Day, why not take a look at our previous pick of the most entertaining cat videos, and impress your friends and family with the following cat video facts:

  • Cat videos receive an average of 12,000 views per video on YouTube (Tweet this)
  • There have been around 2 million cat videos posted to YouTube (Tweet this).
  • Thomas Edison's 'Boxing Cats' is believed to be the first ever cat video (Tweet this).
  • The first cat video was posted to YouTube on May 9th, 2006 (Tweet this).
  • Box-obsessed Maru is the most popular cat on YouTube, with 270+M views (Tweet this)
  • Cat videos are celebrated with their own¬†Internet Cat Video Film Festival (Tweet this)
  • Legendary cat video star Keyboard Cat's real name was Fatso - he died in 1997 (Tweet this).
  • The most popular cat video ever on YouTube is Nyan Cat, with 114M views (Tweet this).

rikki reelseoThis post is dedicated to Rikki Ricardo Felipe Rodriguez Robertson, ReelSEO's official mascot and all-round fluffball (pictured left), and Ruby Pudding (star of our featured image). Thanks to Tubular, and YouTube, for the data.