The NBA has thrown wide its arms and embraced online video perhaps more than any other major sports league in America. Well, at least that we know about presently because the Los Angeles Times just ran a piece that stated the NBA streamed more than 1.9 billion videos during the 2010 season. That’s certainly a slam dunk! Someone’s on fire!

To give you some idea of really how massive that is:

  • Nielsen reported just 14.5 billion ‘streams’ for March 2011.
  • Google sites had 1.97B viewing sessions according to comScore in March, 2011
  • comScore said March was 5.7 billion viewing sessions.
  • Hulu showed 1.2 billion video ads in March, 2011 – comScore.

Neither of them apparently include the NBA in their online video streaming totals because it sure seems like they would be reaching into the top ten of something or another with all that.

If you take their 1.9 billion streams and break that up over the entire 2010 season (October 3, 2010 to April 13, 2011 or 6.5 months) you get:

  • 292 million plus streams per month.
  • 1,483,795 streams per day.
  • 61,825 streams per hour.
  • 1,030 streams started every minute.

That’s just…wow. And get this, the NBA expects to top the 2 billion video view mark in the post season (I’m guessing they mean combined).

They have some 100 million followers if you combine their Twitter and Facebook presences and have 8.2 million fans just on the main NBA Facebook page (8,234,204 at time of writing).

If 10% of those fans signed up for an NBA League Pass (their online offering), at the lowest price, it would be revenue of  $90,576,244.

If 50% bought the lowest package it shoots up to $452,881,220 in revenue!

Continued Performance Nets League a Win

According to that LA Times article, the 2010 season is up some 800 million streams over the previous season and that is almost how many streams they showed in 2008-2009 – 870 million. 07-08 was just a tiny little zit on the face of the Internet as it was a petty 322 million.

The NBA grew streams from 2007/08 to 08/09 by 270% and from 08/09 to 09/10 was 126% growth. This year they say a 173% growth in streams already and that post season is just ready for the jump ball.

Over the past four seasons the NBA has grown online video streams 590%. Boom shakka lakka!

I wish the rest of us were seeing that same success. To read the well-done LA Times article and see what the NBA is now planning in social media hit NBA, a hit in online video, is looking to grow in social media