With digital video now available on an unprecedented number of devices, U.S. based 18-34 year olds are watching 53% more of it than this time in 2013. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just the Millennials who are consuming more online video. Those aged between 50 and 64 are watching 60% as much, while those of us lucky enough to fall into the 35-49 age bracket are watching 80% more.

Online video consumption hasn’t quite trumped our love of TV just yet though. In a new study by Nielsen –  Q2 2014 Shifts in Viewing: Cross-Platform Report, the average viewer still watches around 4 hours of TV per day, compared to around 30 mins of online video.

Highlights of the Report: Online Video Consumption

  • Daily online video consumption among the 18-34 age group is up by 53% to 35 minutes
  • Daily online video consumption among the 35-49 age group is up by 80%
  • During a typical day, a U.S. adult typically watches 4:36 hours of traditional TV

35-49 Year Olds Watch More Online Video Than Ever

There has been a significant increase in video consumption across all age groups, according to the new figures by Nielsen. 18-34 year olds are watching 53% compared to Q2 2013. U.S. based 50-64 year olds are watching 60% as much, with the biggest increase in margin is attributable to those in the 35-49 age bracket:

rise in online video viewing 2014

The increase in numbers is impressive, but TV is still a huge draw for all age groups, particularly the 50-64 demographic.

daily time spent video tv

How Online Video Was Consumed Q2 2014

Unsurprisingly, internet-enabled PCs and laptops (is there any other kind?) remains the main source of access to online video content in the U.S. However, we are increasingly using our smartphones and our tablets to find and watch video content – something website owners need to be aware of.

online video consumption across devices 2014

A Typical Day For the Average American

During a typical day, a U.S. adult typically watches 4:36 of traditional TV, and spends 2:45 listening to AM/FM radio, 1:25 on their smartphone, 1:07 using the desktop Web, 31 minutes watching DVR-recorded TV, and 20 minutes playing video games.

Dounia Turrill, SVP Insights at Nielsen, said:

Today, content is delivered and consumed through competing deliver platforms, networks and screens. Never before have we seen this level of fragmentation and yet, the sum total of media consumed is growing.

The report can be downloaded directly from the Nielsen site, in return for a little of your data.