Lots of videos to get into…so little time.  Welcome back to another glorious Fun Video Friday…

Let’s start this off with 10 bets you can win with your friends:

Rhett & Link once again team to create a low-rent local commercial, this time for Frontier Wok in Burbank, calling it “Kung Pow!”

This commercial for Snuffy the Seal gets the message out about a very special week in television:

Warwick Davis just deleted YouTube.  How’s he going to fix that?

Admit it.  You always wanted to see these Disney princesses get what’s coming to them:

Pepsi has Dynamo levitate near a double-decker bus in London:

Roller coasters and video are a perfect match, especially when they combine to create this POV video of the world’s biggest roller coaster loop at Six Flags Magic Mountain:

And trains…don’t forget trains.  Darwinfish105 posted this cool video of Tokyo’s Hyper Drive YURIKAMOME, in hyperlapse:

Zapatou has narrowed down the “best stunts on YouTube” from 187 videos:

ZeFrank measures time with jelly beans:

Slacktory knows how to kick your smoking habit (some bad language):

A juggling tour of Iceland, from “that juggler guy:”

When the Chicago Blackhawks scored two goals in 17 seconds in the third period after being down 2-1 in the deciding Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, it was one of those all-time classic sports moments.  Here’s how fans in a Chicago bar reacted:

Rory McIlory versus a robot at a driving range:

The Top 10 most-paused moments in movie history, so says Watch Mojo:

Barely Political’s “The Key of Awesome” makes fun of those people who play every part of a song and edit it together to form the best one-man band ever (some bad language):

Barack Obama gets dubbed, and what highly-emulated song would he possibly sing?  Of course it’s Daft Punk/Pharrell’s “Get Lucky:”

What if John Lennon tried out for The Voice?

Andrew Huang has a song for 26 alphabetical genres:

BuzzFeed is here to give you some amazing facts about space:

ASAP Science shows you what 200 calories look like across a wide variety of foods:

Mental Floss – How 26 Alcoholic Drinks Got Their Name

Veritasium answers all your questions about electrons and protons:

VSauce wonders what the shortest poem is:

As always, have a terrific Friday.