Exclusive data from YouTube reveals that soccer fans watched 1.2 Billion minutes of 2014 World Cup Ads on the site, with Activia (helped by Shakira), Nike, and Samsung Mobile grabbing most of the attention. We have recently reported that World Cup video ads have outperformed Super Bowl ads in terms of social shares, and now the new stats show that YouTube users have already watched 4x more 2014 World Cups ads than 2014 Super Bowl ads. That’s more time spent watching ads than if you watched every World Cup game in history!

As the world’s biggest soccer tournament, the World Cup has already broken online video-streaming records, and viewers have been turning to YouTube to watch football-focused ads during matches, searching for videos on players and soccer clubs.

Which Brands are winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Nike has taken the early lead with 3 videos in the top 10 list, and one of the fastest rising videos of the game. Below are more stats about how the World Cup is being played out by brands on YouTube. The top trending World Cup ads on YouTube (as of June 18th 2014) are:

  • Shakira and Activia: Shakira – La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown



“The Dream” from Adidas was the fastest-rising ad on YouTube, attracting more than 26 Million views in just two days. On average, brands in the top 10 ads list grew their YouTube channel subscriber base by 18% over the past month, thanks to their videos connecting with soccer fans.

Impact of Video Ads During Opening Games of World Cup

On the opening day of the tournament, YouTube recorded 25.4 Million views of World Cup ads alone (more than 590M views total for this year). With restricted commercial time before, during, and after the matches, advertisers are making the most of their content on YouTube to engage fans. The average length of the ads including in the chart above is around 3 minutes, compared to the average 1 minute length of a Super Bowl ad.

world cup ads

Which Country is Winning?

YouTube confirmed that the countries watching the most World Cup ads on the site are:

  • Brazil – 61M views
  • U.S. – 57M views
  • Mexico – 50M views
  • United Kingdom – 27M views
  • Colombia – 23M views

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