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    The Top Facebook Video Publishers: March 2017 Most-Popular

    Viral Thread, The Lad Bible, BuzzFeed's Tasty, and The DoDo, were some of the most-watched publishers on Facebook for video content in March 2017. Take a look at the brand new Tubular Leaderboard for top Facebook creators for more information.

    Top Online Video Creators Across Social: March 2017

    According to the latest online video ranking leaderboards from Tubular, BuzzFeed's Tasty, Viral Thread, The LAD BIble, The Daily Mail, and UNILAD were some of the top video creators across the big social video platforms in March 2017.

    5 Brands and Publishers Killing It with Instagram Video in 2017

    Instagram is one of the top destination sites for short-form video content. For brands and video marketers interested in upping their own Instagram game, here are five examples of brands currently finding great success on the platform.

    Here’s Why National Geographic Rules Social Video

    National Geographic has always been famous for its powerful storytelling, so its no surprise that it's finding huge success as an online video publisher on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

    News and Sports Publishers Back Sponsored Video to Win

    Over 47K sponsored videos have already been uploaded to Facebook in 2017, generating a staggering 5B views, and 122M engagements. Sponsored video content is driving a huge amount of views and engagement, particularly for news and sports publishers.

    State of Online Video Q1 2017: The Latest Trends [Free Webinar]

    Choosing the right strategy for your video marketing campaigns is more critical than ever. But what are the key trends to follow? Join Tubular for our free webinar that promises to bring you right up to date with the latest trends and insights affecting online video in the first quarter of 2017

    User-generated March Madness Videos Explode

    Engagement on March Madness Instagram video content has exploded compared to last year. Instagram engagement increased by 127% compared to content uploaded during the 2016 March Madness two-week window.

    6 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos March 2017

    As brands continue to produce innovative short-form snackable video content on Instagram, we take a look at some of the best uploads to the micro-video platform in March 2017.

    Memo to Big Brands: Declare Victory and Advertise on YouTube Again

    YouTube has been under fire over the past few weeks with some advertisers pulling their paid campaigns from the site over concerns that ads were being run against offensive content. But, with Google announcing new guidelines in place, advertisers shouldn't be in too much of a rush to leave.

    A Day in the Life Of: Head of Brand Partnerships at ATTN:

    ATTN:, one of the most impactful video publishers around, works with brands and companies to create engaging, custom content across a variety of media platforms. We talk to its Head of Brand Partnerships about the company’s branded content strategy and how it’s helped ATTN: rank as the #1 publisher on Facebook in terms of 30-day average views.